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LA the drunk
02 November 2010 @ 12:32 pm

Supernatural fandom, why so awesome?  :]
I hope we get the cover.  I'll be a little bummed out if we did all that hard work for nothing.

As promised on
[info]ontd_spnparty , for the exchange of votes, I will make people glass art related to the show.  I've decided on 2x2 square glass pendants since those are pretty easy to make.  I have a list of people already determined, but if I get done with them, I'll open up the list to people on my friends list. 

What it'll be:
-a 2''x2'' square with metal hook, no chain included
-either on clear or black glass, three sheets thick (roughly a 1/3 of an inch)
-the anti possession symbol sandblasted (an effect that makes the glass look frosty), or the background sandblasted so that the symbol is the negative space.
-beveled edges so that you don't cut yourself
-Basically this but the black will be sandblasted:

What it can be upon request:
-on a different color glass of your choice
-smaller than 2''x2'' (but no smaller than 1''x1'')
-thinner than 3 sheets
-a different image
I can't do great detail due to the size of the piece, but if you send me a simplified image (high contrast, black and white only) of something (the impala, colt, or a name), I could see if I can make it work.

Please give me sometime to make them.  School is filled with approaching due dates and midterms;  plus I start my new job next week.  I'll try to have them done within three weeks, but that's not a date set in stone.  Please PM with what you want by the end of this week, or else I'm going to decide on my own.  Once I have it finish, I'll cross your name off the list and PM you for your address.

Thank-you guys so much, you're all awesome! 

LA the drunk
27 September 2009 @ 07:11 pm
Average weekend.  
Drank more than what was necessary, but what else is new.  I do not remember coming back to my room last night.  Nor do I remember where I put my contacts, or how I managed to change into my pjs and make it into my bed.  The one thing I do remember is how gin and tonic tastes the same going down and coming up.

LA the drunk
04 August 2009 @ 09:23 pm

...can someone please explain to me why the fuck the G-20 summit is going to be in Pittsburgh this September? (and why am I the last person to know)

Seriously.  what the fuck.

LA the drunk
30 July 2009 @ 04:56 pm
 comment to be added